Gold Coast Private Hospital in the Home

Operating for over 15 years, Gold Coast Private Hospital offers the first and only Hospital in the
Home (HITH) service for the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. Our team of specialised nurses, allied health professionals and doctors provide an on-call service for patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What is Hospital in the Home?

Hospital in the Home (HITH) is an admitted acute care service provided to patients in their own home, or another suitable environment outside hospital. Patients are still regarded as ‘in-patients’ and remain under the care of a hospital doctor. Services are provided by members of the hospital team including nurses, doctors and allied health professionals. 

People may be offered HITH if their healthcare team believes that their care can be delivered safely at home and by patient choice.


What services do we provide?

Hospital in the Home is a specific service attached to Gold Coast Private Hospital catering for the administration of:
•    Post-surgical care
•    Intravenous antibiotics
•    Negative pressure therapy (VAC)
•    Some physiotherapy programs
•    Other wound management can be offered to Medibank Private and DVA patients.

Common HITH patient diagnoses are mild to severe infections, osteomyelitis, cellulitis, lung infection and wound breakdown with or without infection.


Is this service covered by private health insurance?

Our HITH service is covered by a ‘Gold Tier’ level of hospital cover as well as DVA policy holders. We can assist to find out if a patient is eligible.


How can I book a Hospital at Home visit?

It’s best to have a specialist or GP referral however in some instances this is not required. Contact our
HITH team to see if you qualify.


For more information, including referral and patient eligibility, please contact:
Gold Coast Private Hospital  
Hospital in the Home
Phone: 07 5530 0795 

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