What to bring

For labour and delivery

Bring anything you like to make yourself comfortable during labour. For example, your favourite pillow, music, and your favourite natural oils. We have refreshments for you and your partner/support person, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you wish.

For the maternity ward

  • comfortable clothing for mum
  • toiletries
  • maternity pads and breast pads. We also recommend Hydrogel Breast Discs for their soothing and healing properties during the transition to breastfeeding
  • clothing and a swaddle for bub to go home in.

Newborn screening test

The newborn screening test is performed on all babies born in Australia once they are 48 hours old. This test is used to detect metabolic disorders that unless treated can affect your baby’s development. We can provide further information before asking for your consent.

Hearing test

The Queensland Statewide Infant Screening Hearing (SWISH) program is offered to all babies. The test is offered during your stay and takes about 10 – 20 minutes to complete. 

Lactation consultants

We have Lactation consultants available to you throughout your stay with us to give advice about feeding baby and to support you through the whole process. First time mums or mums who would appreciate a refresh - we are here to help without judgement.

Red Book

Your baby’s ‘Red Book’ is given to you after the birth and needs to stay with baby during your hospital stay so that we can complete medical records prior to discharge. Your baby’s growth, development, medical history and immunisations will be recorded in the Red Book. You should take this with you to all of your baby’s future health appointments.

Birth registration

Forms to register the birth of your baby and to claim maternity allowance are issued to you during your stay. It is essential you take these home with you as they cannot be redistributed. You have 60 days to register your baby’s birth at www.bdm.qld.gov.au/registration/birth. 

Personalised care board

We use a personalised care board in your room, as another way to keep you and your family involved in yours and your baby’s care. This is updated regularly with information about the care of you and your baby. Please use to jot down reminders and questions to ask your doctor or midwife.

Servicing your room

Expect hotel standards in terms of the cleanliness and presentation of your room. We’ll service regularly, however if you need towels changed, additional toiletries or an extra ‘room clean’, please let us know. Nothing’s a problem. We’re here to fuss over you. 

Hospital amenities

Hudson’s café is located on the ground floor, offering a small section of cakes, savouries, gifts, cards and flowers. Wi-Fi available throughout the hospital. There is also a Woolworths located within a five-minute walk.

Going Home

Knowing when you’ll be back home, ready to begin the next stage of your bigger life, is a great help when you need to plan and organise.

Length of stay 

The anticipated postnatal stay is three nights for a vaginal birth and five nights for a caesarean section birth, provided there are no complications. However, if your baby requires a longer stay in our Special Care Nursery, we have ‘boarder accommodation’ options where you and your partner can stay on the ward as a guest, at no additional cost. 

Our regular discharge time is 10am.

Postnatal check-ups and support

You can call our midwives if you have any concerns during the first few days at home. Our midwives will arrange for you to access additional support should you need it.

You will have a follow up with your obstetrician for your postnatal check-up around 6 weeks. Baby will also have a 6-week check-up with your paediatrician.

The Queensland Health Child and Family Health Nurse from the community will contact you within two weeks of going home to arrange ongoing follow up. You also have access to the Child and Family Health drop-in clinics with midwives from the moment you go home.

Ongoing support

We’re here to support you and your baby once you’re back living at home. This includes:

  • 24/7 Midwife Hotline
  • Complimentary in-home midwife visits 
  • Lactation consultants
  • Boarder accommodation in Special Care Nursery 
  • Settling program through the Paediatric Care Centre
  • Antenatal classes (online and in-person)
  • 24-hour emergency care centre and direct-to-ward admissions 
  • Mother’s support group
  • Join our ‘Born at Gold Coast Private’ Facebook community

Our Assistance

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