Gold Coast Private Hospital offers a medical and surgical private paediatric service in a fun and family friendly environment for local and visiting families on the Gold Coast.

Our dedicated and intimate paediatric ward includes the following features:

  • Modern, large private rooms
  • Pull-out sofa bed for a parent or guardian to stay overnight
  • Large, fully equipped treatment room
  • Soft indoor play area
  • Large lounge with televisions and X-Box
  • 24 hour emergency care via our emergency care centre
The ward is run by a team of specialised and highly skilled nurses and leading paediatricians who are available should a paediatric emergency arise.

On Admission

Elective Surgery For all elective surgeries please proceed directly to the Paediatric Care Centre on level 1. Upon arrival children are greeted by our friendly team of nurses in a fun environment. Your nurse will then show you around the ward before taking standard pre-operative checks.


For all emergencies please visit the Gold Coast Private Emergency Care Centre or consult one of our emergency physicians online, here. Please dial 000 for all medical emergencies.

Sleep and Settle Program

Our sleep and settle program is designed to assist parents who are feeling tired, overwhelmed and are seeking holistic support from a health professional to assist in getting your infant or toddler to sleep and settle. Find out more here

Coeliac Diagnostic Endoscopy

Gold Coast Private Hospital is now running a Child Coeliac Diagnosis Clinic offering:

  • Rapid access to service
  • Gold standard method of Coeliac Disease diagnosis
  • Only clinic admitting under- 16s on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW

Dr Richard Thompson is a specialist paediatric surgeon who is experienced in treating a broad range of surgical conditions in

children. Dr Thompson is the only doctor offering endoscopy on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW to under-16s to diagnose coeliac disease.

Coeliac Disease Diagnosis

Blood tests are the usual first step for screening for coeliac disease, but to confirm such an important diagnosis with lifelong consequences it is recommended that an endoscopy is performed to obtain a small bowel biopsy.

An endoscopy may also diagnose alternative conditions that can present with similar symptoms. Both the blood tests and endoscopy rely on the presence of gluten in the diet to give a meaningful result. It is important the patient is on gluten for at least four weeks before the endoscopy to avoid false negative result.

This service allows for quicker access and diagnosis, reducing the time a patient is exposed to gluten and the subsequent uncomfortable symptoms.

Dr Thompson has introduced a rapid access service avoiding the lengthy delay of coeliac diagnosis and unnecessarily prolonging the time a patient has to remain on gluten. General practitioners and their paediatricians can now refer children directly for endoscopy after a positive screening blood test for coeliac disease.

If the diagnosis of coeliac disease is confirmed then the patients would be referred back to their paediatrician for ongoing monitoring of growth, nutrition and disease surveillance.

To arrange an appointment please contact:

GC Paediatric Surgery

Suite 15, Ground Floor,

Gold Coast Private Hospital

14 Hill Street, Southport QLD 4215

P 07 5530 0490 | F 07 5530 0687

For a printable flyer click here.

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