Submitting Feedback and Complaints

You can provide feedback or make a complaint either verbally or in writing if you have an issue about your care or the service provided. We encourage you to raise any concerns immediately with a staff member. If after discussing your concerns with this staff member you are dissatisfied, you may ask to speak to the nurse in charge. If still dissatisfied, we ask that you put the issue in writing and address it to our hospital’s Director of Nursing.

Our Director of Nursing will ensure that the issue is dealt with as discreetly as possible and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that you are not adversely affected. If you wish to raise an issue anonymously, a report on the outcome may not be possible. Alternatively, you may ask to speak to a Consumer Consultant. All Healthscope hospitals have Consumer Consultants who attend meetings where complaints or issues may be raised. If you are still dissatisfied, you can contact the Healthscope Corporate Office on 03 9926 7500, or you can contact your state health complaints authority.

Denise Hartley
Director of Nursing
P: 07 5530 0608

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman
(for complaints about private health insurance)
Toll free: 1800 640 695
Lodge via web:

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