Why choose Gold Coast Private Hospital maternity?

Care, every baby step of the way.

Thanks to the delicate touches and wonderfully thoughtful amenities, Gold Coast Private Hospital is proud to offer you the extraordinary birthing experience you deserve.

You’ll adore the:

  • Hotel-style experience
  • Option for a water birth
  • Assisted reproductive services
  • Essential parenting classes
  • Experienced and caring team
  • Comfortable private rooms
  • State-of-the-art birthing suites
  • Special Care Nursery
  • The private dining experience
  • Premium linen
  • Ongoing support including complimentary midwifery visits to your home
  • Complimentary maternity tours

Experienced and caring clinical team 

We’re a community of happy, highly-experienced midwives, lactation consultants, obstetricians and support staff who love what we do. We’re passionate about providing excellent care and supporting your birth plan. 

We’re very much aware that our job is a special one that involves the safe delivery of thousands of babies and the health and wellbeing of mums. We promise that we’ll be there for you during that very unforgettable getting-to-know-you phase for parents and their precious new family member. 

Throughout your stay, you’ll have access to a range of support services including a physiotherapist and a psychologist.

Importantly, as a private patient you get to choose your own obstetrician.

Assisted Reproductive Services

Not all fertility journeys are the same. For some, contact with us may begin before a positive pregnancy test. 

That’s why we, along with our fertility specialists, offer a number of assisted reproductive services. We can support you with minimally invasive options such as ovulation induction and artificial insemination. 

In cases where there is an issue with the women’s reproductive organs, we offer surgical options right through to In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).

Click here to view our fertility specialists

Pregnancy and endometriosis

Not all woman with endometriosis experience fertility issues. In fact many will fall pregnant without fertility treatment. However in general, if pregnancy does not happen within 12 months after surgical treatment of endometriosis, fertility treatment with IVF should be considered. In addition we usually recommend IVF treatment if the fallopian tubes are blocked or if there are other fertility challenges including sperm abnormalities.

There are many things to consider to get the optimal treatment for endometriosis-related fertility. We recommend engaging a multidisciplinary team including a fertility specialist to help you understand your options and manage endometriosis-related subfertility.

Find out more about our endometriosis specialists

Essential parenting classes 

Our holistic approach to childbirth means you can choose from a variety of options for learning about preconception, to birth and beyond with classes in mindfulness, breastfeeding, first aid for parents and Pilates. 

In addition to our onsite antenatal classes, you can learn valuable information via our reordered educational videos or by attending our face-to-face classes.

For a list of our upcoming antenatal classes, email please email gcpmaternity@healthscope.com.au or access our online education classes here.


We take pride in making sure you have delicious meals and snacks throughout your stay with us because we believe it’s so important you feel well-nourished, energised and pampered. You’ll be delightfully surprised by the food you’ll be served.

Our menu for private mums includes:

  • A ‘congratulations plate’ with chocolate-kissed strawberries
  • A three-course, chef-created celebration dinner with beer, wine and mocktails served on a night of your choice
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Our famous high tea comes with a selection of sweets, scones, fruit, sandwiches and exquisite savouries 
  • Morning and afternoon tea is a mix of fresh fruit, house-baked treats, sandwiches, iced tea, antipasto meats, cheeses, dried fruits and nuts. So delicious!
  • In-room snack box with goodies, including our own lactation cookies and bliss balls 
  • Light meals/snacks available to you and partner 24/7 on the ward.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know.

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Our Assistance

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