Caring for women with endometriosis is at the centre of everything we do

Endometriosis can affect every aspect of your life – including work, study and social life, physical and mental health, and plans to start a family. If you’re one of the 10% of women living with this condition, help is available, close to home.

The first Centre of Excellence for Endometriosis on the Gold Coast

COEMEC AUS.jpgThe Centre of Excellence is a prestigious accreditation awarded by Surgical Review Corporation after a rigorous inspection process.

It means we consistently provide high quality care in processes and outcomes, from diagnosis to the crucial post-operative care stage of treatment. It’s a matter of great pride to us that our facility has been recognised for our dedication to safe and effective care before, during and after surgery.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re in the hands of a hospital and surgeons that focus on exceeding the minimum clinical expectations and international benchmarks.


  • Your surgeon is highly experienced, and is required to perform a minimum of 100 procedures annually
  • You will have the benefit of any support services needed
  • We only use state-of-the-art equipment and are governed by guidelines of minimum requirement for equipment and surgical instruments
  • You’ll feel safe knowing that both our hospital and gynaecological surgeons are committed to excellence through annual credentialing and inspections

What is endometriosis?

It’s a condition where tissue like endometrium (the inner lining of the womb) is found elsewhere in the body, usually in the pelvis. It can significantly impact your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and daily routine. The most common symptoms are pain, bladder and bowel issues and infertility.

While there isn’t a cure for endometriosis yet, it can be managed with the right help and support.

What’s next for your endometriosis

If you’re ready to take the next step towards gaining control over endometriosis, talk to your GP. They can refer you to one of our world-leading specialists for a consultation. Your specialist will complete a thorough assessment and discuss your treatment options, including the risks and benefits of surgery.


Frequently asked questions

Your treatment journey starts once you meet with one of ourexperienced and supportive endometriosis specialists. They’ll develop a planfor managing your symptoms and reducing their impact on your daily life.Treatment options depend on a range of factors, including the extent of thedisease and your desire to have children.

Surgery aims to diagnose the condition, remove endometriosis, endometriomas (chocolate cysts) and adhesions, repair any damage and improve your fertility. Sometimes other surgeons will be involved if there is endometriosis in the bladder or bowel.

Surgical methods used to treat endometriosis at Gold Coast Private Hospital include:

  • Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery can diagnose and treat endometriosis – usually simultaneously.
  • Laparotomy – an abdominal cut is used to cut out or burn tissue or cysts. This is major surgery and occasionally done if your condition is not suitable for laparoscopy.
  • Bowel surgery may be necessary if endometriosis has involved or developed within the bowel wall.
  • Hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) may be an option if endometriosis is significantly impacting your quality of life and other treatments haven’t worked. Hysterectomy might not cure the symptoms or the disease.

Most women experience pain relief following surgery. Up to 30% may have recurrence within two years of surgery. Taking oral contraceptive pills or other medications after having surgery may help extend the pain-free period.

Your treatment isn’t just about surgery, but to do with helping you live the life you want.

Other treatments available include:

Pain management – most women can manage their pain with a plan of analgesia, hormonal suppression and self-care.

Multi-disciplinary support – provided by a team that includes psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, pain physicians and a GP who can all provide care for the long-term.

Lifestyle therapies – some women find that eating a healthy diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep and stress management techniques help to reduce pain and improve quality of life. Natural therapies may also help some women. Your healthcare team can assist you with these options.

Not all woman with endometriosis experience fertility issues. In fact many will fall pregnant without fertility treatment. However there are many things to consider to get the optimal treatment for endometriosis-related fertility. This includes your personal preference, your age, your ovarian reserve and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

IVF is an established treatment for endometriosis-related infertility. Generally speaking, if pregnancy does not happen within 12 months after surgical treatment of endometriosis, fertility treatment with IVF should be considered. To manage endometriosis-related subfertility we generally recommend engaging a multidisciplinary team including a fertility specialist. In addition we usually recommend IVF treatment if the fallopian tubes are blocked or if there are other fertility challenges including sperm abnormalities.

Even if endometrioma cysts are present you can still consider IVF treatment. However, there is an increased risk of developing a pelvic infection after transvaginal egg collection. We recommend an endometriotic cyst over 3-4cm is surgically removed before IVF.

How much does endometriosis surgery cost?

Like all surgeries performed in a private hospital there’s usually an out-of-pocket fee. The amount will depend on your private health fund cover and the surgery that’s right for you.
If you don’t have private health insurance, you can still have surgery at Gold Coast Private Hospital by choosing to self-fund. We can provide a quote which includes the surgery, anaesthetic and hospital fees. Your surgeon will be able to talk to you about out-of-pocket costs.

Why choose Gold Coast Private Hospital for your endometriosis care?

● We’re a Centre of Excellence for Endometriosis
● Minimal wait times
● Multidisciplinary surgical team – including bowel surgeon specialised in endometriosis
● Access to leading surgical procedures – choose your preferred surgeon from our extensive network
● Exclusive private dining menu
● Onsite ultrasound, QXR, pathology and day surgery unit

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