Preparing for your appointment

We ask that you bring / prepare a few items before your appointment:


You will require a current referral for breast imaging from your GP or a specialist. We can accept referrals to other imaging practices. 


Please do not use talcum powder or spray deodorant on the day of your visit as it can cause a false result on the mammogram. Roll-on deodorant can be used but keep it away from the breast area. You are welcome to bring deodorant to apply after your mammogram.

What to wear

For easy changing, please wear a two-piece outfit (eg: shorts and top).

Previous tests

Please bring any previous mammograms, ultrasounds and breast biopsy results you have had at other breast imaging centres in the past five years. We will need both the images and the reports. 

Breast biopsies

If you require a breast biopsy, we offer a same-day result service in most situations. Core biopsy results take at least two days. All breast biopsies are performed by one of our highly skilled Breast Surgeons.

Our Assistance

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