Five recommendations to remember when working remotely

By Gold Coast Private health and safety officer, Jodie Ma Chong


Working from home can be a great opportunity. 

Life suddenly seems easier when your child is sick, the odd housework needs to be done, or when you have hours that need catching up. But when the lines between your personal and work life are becoming drastically blurred, how do you ensure boundaries are kept? 

Stay within your hours 

With the ease of access to your work computer, it can be tempting to do an extra hour here and there but remember these hours build up. Ensure you’re not over-working by sticking within your allocated timeframe.

Take a proper break

Get away from your work computer or phone and take the time to go outside or, if that isn’t an option, head into a different space in your home. Micro-breaks help your body to reset and can help with productivity throughout the day. 

Look after your diet and physical health 

You need to remember the fuel you put in your body is what it runs off. If you fill it with bad fuel, your body is not going to run right and that’s when mistakes can happen.

Physically, when working from home make sure your office is set up correctly. Is your chair suited to your desk and is it supportive of your posture? It is also important to keep your fitness up when working at home, which will also build energy. Start by taking a walk 30 minutes a day to get your blood pumping.

Don’t forget to look after your mental health 

Another factor that can cause issues when working from home is the remoteness and lack of interaction you would normally have with colleagues in the workplace.

It is important to keep in contact, whether it be a phone call at the start or end of the day to check in and provide 1:1 interaction. 

Ask for help if you need it

Remember when things may be getting a little hard you can ask for help or take a break. Your health is important. If you’re not healthy, you can’t look after anyone else. 


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