Settle Program

Our settle program is designed to assist parents who are feeling tired, overwhelmed and are seeking holistic support from a health professional to assist in getting your infant or toddler to sleep and settle. Our team of dedicated paediatric nurses and paediatricians will work in partnership with you to increase confidence, resolve concerns, and provide guidance and information to fine-tune your routine, ultimately achieving your sleeping and settling goals.

How can we help your infant or toddler sleep?

To begin, one of paediatric nurses will talk with you to understand your situation and your family’s needs. You will be asked questions about your child, their sleep patterns and history, and methods you’ve tried so far. We understand that everyone’s needs and expectations are different which is why we work with you to develop an individual plan that suits the whole family.

This includes:

  • bedtime and good sleep habits
  • positive sleeping and feeding routines
  • settling strategies that you’re comfortable using
  • what to do if the strategies in your baby sleep plan aren’t working

During the three night stay we work with you to implement and establish a positive feeding and sleeping routine. A parent or primary guardian is required to stay overnight for the duration of the program at no extra cost.

Age range

Our settle program caters for families with infants and children from two weeks to 12 months.

Making an appointment

A referral from your GP, paediatrician or Gold Coast Private midwife is essential. Please have your doctor or midwife fill in the referral form found here and fax it to 55 300 660 or email it to One of our friendly paediatric nurses will contact you once your referral has been received to arrange an appointment. Please note we are unable to admit you into the program without a referral.


The program is generally covered by your family’s private health insurance. Please contact your private health fund to discuss your inclusions. We also welcome families without private health insurance. For our current fee, please contact our friendly team on (07) 55 300 300. All meals for you and your child are included. We do advise parents to bring in toiletries, nappies and their preferred formula, if required.

Please feel free to contact us on (07) 55 300 819 for more information.



Settle referral form


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